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It's exciting and a relief: This business that you love, that lets you create the work you love is growing. Every year, you're booking more clients every month and every year and it's wonderful. Congratulations! You are doing so well, but you woudn't be here on my site if you didn't need help. You have a clear vision of what you want you want your business to look and feel like to you and your customers, but are there signs that your business is growing faster that you can manage it right now? It's getting toughter to get on top of your emails and phone calls and follow up with all the tasks it tasks to maintain your businessm. And you're not going to get less busy anytime soon.

Elizabeth Coopersmith Consulting specializes in installing and implementing client relationship management systems for Creative professionals. We’ll streamline your workflow and increase your efficiency from inquiry to completion. Your worries about missing deadlines, payments and details are over!

We're also available for smaller workflow projects including email and calendar management, and website and social media updates. We'll get you caught up and back on track.

I’m Elizabeth Coppersmith, and I’ve been an event professional for over 10 years. I dedicated my career to helping my clients make their personal and professional goals a reality. Now, I’m using my skills and experience to serve the industry I love and worked in for so long.

I'm committed to helping you become more productive and profitable by minimizing the day - to - day stress of running your business.

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