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Workflow and Website Solutions

You've worked hard for your success, and you deserve it. Your six-figure business is thriving...but so is your stress level. You're still scrambling to do the most basic things - inquiries, scheduling, payments, communication. It's only getting worse as your business continues to grow. Working longer hours won't help - you've already tried it. "Overwhelmed" is part of your job description.

Fix it. Swap your broken workflow for a streamlined system that's as productive and professional as you are. You have the drive to create an amazing company. Get the structure you need to keep it growing.

What's Possible?

You can have a website that cultivates your ideal client. You can get an inquiry booked and paid in a couple of hours. You can automate your billing, and get that off your checklist forever. You can save time by templatizing and scheduling emails and documents.

I’m Elizabeth Coopersmith, and I create solutions for creative entrepreneurs so they can scale to six figures and beyond. What could you do with more time, money and freedom in your business?

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